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Hi there! On HGTV's Hit Reality TV Show Design Star I sew, nail and saw my way through some pretty tough challenges, but design doesn't have to be hard! I believe in combining simple, timeless design ingredients to create what I call "Design Recipes". Thank you so much for stopping by Design Recipes. I hope you find this to be a truly awesome website and resource full of design tips, articles, interesting podcasts, how-to videos and of course design recipes galore! I invented Design Recipes simply because I love sharing my ideas! For years I collected design magazines, tagged and clipped pages with inspirational images and did nothing! That's because I didn't have the resource information so I could purchase the beautiful furniture I was seeing on the pages of the magazines! With Design Recipes, I SHARE how the room was executed, giving you the basic design tools needed for you to recreate the same look on your own and best of all I give you all of the resource information! Enjoy your Design Recipes! No recipe is the same and I would love to hear your comments and questions.
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Become a Certified Staging Professional with Instructor Cathy Hobbs

Are you a real estate agent? A die hard design enthusiast? I was too! Which is why I became fascinated with home staging. For me it has been a wonderful addition to my interior design business. I just love home staging, especially the dramatic before and after transformations! I am honored to have been selected by Certified Staging Professionals (CSP) the leader in home staging education and certification to be one of their instructors.

CSP™ property staging courses are cutting edge and recognized as leaders in the field of the home staging training industry. The Certified Staging Professional Organization offers a 3 day course which provides the foundation for those wanting to start a career or own a business in real estate property staging. The proven CSP™ process is a blend of interior redesign techniques, along with business, marketing and communication skills, to effectively market a house for sale.

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I have to admit I was errr a reluctant blogger to say the least. I was just like what is the point?! Then I began to actually "do" it and I am now an avid fan of blogging and I hope you will be too! I use my Design Recipes blog as a way to keep all of my design recipes fans in the loop with all of my design favs. From my favorite stores, design tips, interesting fabrics, to cool boutiques I stumble upon while on vacation in exotic locations I share it! Readers can also learn do-it-yourself interior design, home staging and affordable design techniques, plus, yes, I also post announcements and updates so that all of you can know what I'm up to. http://cathyhobbs.wordpress.com/ is the link if you want to help spread the word!



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